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Necessary Arctic Cat SxS Accessories

Necessary Arctic Cat SxS Accessories

When you are the proud owner of an Arctic Cat side by side utility vehicle, you want to make the most of every ride to fully enjoy it. While the machine itself is made for fun and function from the start thanks to the standards of this trusted manufacturer, there are still quite a few add on items to make the most of your vehicle. Let’s take a look at the necessary Arctic Cat SXS accessories your ride needs.

  1. A winch: When looking at the necessary Arctic Cat SXS accessories, a winch is a no-brainer. A winch connects to your UTV and helps you get the vehicle out when it’s stuck. A winch also helps you to tow others out when they get stuck without worry about damage to your side by side vehicle. Winches can also be used for adding a snow plow to your ride in the winter for added versatility. When looking to add a winch to your UTV, look for certain elements of high performance and quality such as corrosion resistance, UV resistance, sealed magnet motors, and high tensile steel cables.

  2. Roof: While a UTV is typically made with an open plan to let you ride with that outdoorsy feeling, and an open side by side certainly gives you plenty of outdoors fun, it can also give you lots of bugs, rain, snow, wind, sun exposure, and mud. A roof helps to give you more protection against the elements which is why many UTV owners choose to add one on later as their first accessory. To find a high-quality roof, look for elements such as durable material, easy on/off removal and install, and a warranty if possible for the best value.

  3. Windshield: Even with a roof added to a UTV, there is no denying the need for a windshield. When you are riding at top speeds over tough terrains, mud, dirt, bugs, and more come flying at your face without the use of windshield. It can also help deflect cold winds when riding in cooler weather which is always a big benefit. For this item, you want to find a polycarbonate option since they last a long time and are easy to install on most models.

  4. Storage: When looking at the necessary Arctic Cat SXS accessories, storage is a big one for most UTV owners. Storage can be added in a variety of ways to your UTV. For example, you have a choice between cab storage or bed storage packs. You can even do both to truly maximize your storage space on the ride. Cab storage packs are generally stored in the cab of the ride and most riders use them for essentials they want to keep close at hand such as maps, phones, snacks, and other things of importance while riding. A bed storage pack is stored on the bed of the side by side vehicle and is usually where riders store items they need less often during the ride such as pair kit, tools for the UTV, and other essentials you should keep on hand.

  5. Dry box: Along the same line of adding storage accessories to your side by side, a dry box is extra storage with the added purpose of keeping essential items dry during particularly wet rides. A dry box is where you store things you never want to get wet or dirty such as phone, vehicle papers, money, a dry change of clothes, or other valuables you don’t want destroyed while out riding. When shopping for this item, look for options you can mount to the bed rails of the UTV rather than a bag which can fall out of your ride unnoticed. You should also look for one that is weather resistant and has lockable latches for added protection.

  6. Speakers: Aside from matters of function, there are ways to make your ride more fun. Speakers are a great way to make the most of every ride while adding some fun. You can pump up the tunes for a ride that is always a good time. When looking for speakers, you want to opt for Bluetooth capability since you can then simply link it with your phone and play all your favorite tunes straight from your phone. This is a great way to add to the fun of your ride!

  7. Phone mount: If you have a windshield and roof, and you are confident your phone won’t take on irreparable damage in doing so, a phone mount is a great addition to make playing music even easier. A phone mount allows you to easily access the phone as needed without fishing through your storage box. For this item, make sure the hardware is sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about losing your phone at any point in the ride, even when the road gets rough.

  8. Cup holders: When you are out riding the trails, you will want a place to keep your drink. If your model doesn’t have cup holders as part of the factory issued design, adding them is relativity easy and certainly goes a long way in your riding enjoyment. Similar to the phone mount, you want to opt for high-quality materials that are sturdy enough to support the cup so you don’t end up with your drink all over the inside of your cab.