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Items To Pack for Arctic Cat Snowmobile Off-Roading

Items To Pack for Arctic Cat Snowmobile Off-Roading

Off-roading is a wildly exciting, freeing experience that many are drawn to as the year moves into the colder months of fall and winter. Whether you’re new to off-roading with your snowmobile or have done it countless times, there is always room for improvement in how you prepare. Taking the necessary precautions and planning ahead of your Arctic Cat snowmobile trip will save you the hassle and potentially life-threatening situations. True enough, nobody plans to be trapped out in the mountains, but it does happen. You need to be prepared for anything so that no matter what, you make it back home. Alongside safety preparation, try to leave a bit of space in your bags for fun or relaxing items. Here is a checklist of items to pack for your next off-roading trip.

  1. Spare Key:This one is crucial! Keep a spare key buried safely in your bags so that in the unfortunate event you lose your primary key in the snow, you’ll have another if you can’t find it.

  2. Extra Gas:If you’re able to, pack enough extra gas to get you at least a few miles. This could make the difference between making distress calls and being able to quickly refuel your Arctic Cat snowmobile to head home. If your snowmobile can’t fit anything else, see if a buddy in your group can hold a gas can.

  3. Food and Water:Pack food that will last more than a few hours while you’re out. Make sure it’s nutritious and relatively high in protein to keep you fueled for the entire day. Things like chips or cookies won’t cut it. You can however bring them along as secondary items if they fit in your bag. Pack a few bottled waters and iodine tabs should you run out and need clean water. If you’re running low on energy, bring an energy drink to give you a boost.

  4. GPS or Map and Compass:A GPS will help inform you of where you are, but it must be able to function properly no matter where you are. In the event that it stops working, pack a back-up map of the area and compass. If you can, try to get your bearings on the map before heading out. Place markers on where camp is and where you plan to ride.

  5. First Aid Kit:While a pre-packed first aid kit is okay, it may not contain everything you need for snowy terrain. Build your own kit with medical items that best pertain to low temperatures like medical blankets, hand warmers, and more. You can then pack the basic supplies like bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes, Ibuprofen, and instant cold packs. By doing this, you’ll be prepared for different types of emergencies.

  6. Tool Kit:You should also ensure you have room for a tool kit to make repairs and extractions. The kit should include items like leather gloves, safety glasses, a flashlight, nylon rope, a small shovel, zip ties, a wrench, a screwdriver, various batteries, tow straps, and extra parts like belts and spark plugs. Waterproof matches, flint, and wool are other ideal items to bring along to get a fire going.

  7. Shelter Items:If you’ve gotten stuck due to a malfunction with your sled, running out of daylight, or you simply wish to stick it out for a night, pack what you need to build a decent shelter. A tent with a rain fly, a high-quality sleeping bag, and blankets will be necessary for sleeping in snowy conditions. Try to at least bring a tarp and blankets if you’d rather not pack a tent. Check the weather conditions up to the last minute to fully prep your gear.

  8. Extra Clothing:This may seem like a no-brainer, but bringing extra socks, gloves, balaclavas, jackets, and base layers will really make a huge difference. Make sure you have enough room to store items you take off.

  9. Emergency Items:When worst comes to worst, be prepared to make calls for help and keep yourself/your group stable until you can reach safety. You may not have a signal for your cellphone and will not to be able to work around that. Pack your Arctic Cat snowmobile with emergency flares, a satellite beacon, two-way radios, a knife for protection, and a snow jack if you can. These things will help get you out of trouble and back to camp.

  10. Miscellaneous Fun:Outside of the essentials, if you have room, try to bring things for fun if you’re going with a group. Bring a GoPro along to record your adventure to watch later at home. If you plan to cook over a fire while out for the day, choose items that won’t spoil right away. Bring along something to boil water in for hot cups of coffee or tea. While many end the day with a beer, make sure you’ve got bags for empty bottles before heading out the next day.