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2024 Arctic Cat M 600 ALPHA ONE

2024 Arctic Cat M 600 ALPHA ONE
Star White
MSRP: $14,299.00
Manufacturer: Arctic Cat
Condition: New


Re-Inventing Mountain Riding

Mountain riding just got a lot more interesting. The Arctic Cat M 600 ALPHA ONE will revolutionize how you explore the backcountry with the groundbreaking CATALYST platform.



Engine Type
600, 2-Stroke
Bore x Stroke
73.8 x 70 mm
Electronic Injection
Digitally Controlled CDI
Engine Stator Output
270W @ 3000 RPM
Fuel Delivery
Dual Stage Injection
APV w/ Tuned Pipe, Pipe Sensor and Stainless Steel Manifold and Muffler
Fuel Capacity
10.4 gal.
Oil System Capacity
3.0 qt.
Coolant System Capacity
4.2 qt.
Minimum Octane


Drive Clutch
Driven Clutch
Drive System
AC M Belt Drive
Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder
Clutch Calibration
6,000-8,000 ft.
Chain Pitch
Track Drive Sprocket
9 Tooth, 2.86 Pitch, Exvolute or 7 Tooth, 3.50 Pitch, Exvolute
Push-Button Engine


Front Suspension
Arctic Wishbone Suspension 36
Ski Shocks
Arctic Cat IFP 1.5
Sway Bar
Front Travel
7.6 in.
Rear Suspension
ALPHA ONE Rear Suspension
Front Track Shock
Arctic Cat IFP 1.5
Rear Track Shock
Arctic Cat IFP 1.5
Rear Travel
13.5 in.


Overall Chassis Length
122 in. or 126.5 in.
Overall Chassis Width
42.5-44.5 in.
Overall Chassis Height
50 in.
Track Type
Power Claw
Track Width
15 in.
Track Length
146 in. or 154 in.
2.60 in. or 3.00 in.
2.86 in. or 3.50 in.
Ski Stance
35-37 in. Adjustable
Ski Type/Width
G2 ProClimb- 7 in.
Runner Type
Single Runner w/ Carbide


Type of Gauge
LCD Icon
Digital Bar Graph
Battery Voltage


Star White or Black
Heat Exchanger
Front/ Short Tunnel
Manual or Electric Push-Button
Hooked w/ Grab Handle
Standard Accessories
MTN Storage Bag, 12V Outlet, Hand & Thumb Warmer, Ice Scratcher, Lightweight Mountain Brake Disc, Vertical Steering, Tether Switch



  • The Ride You’ve Been Waiting For By now, you’ve heard the buzz. An all-new Arctic Cat platform, built from the ground up, that will revolutionize the snowmobile industry is coming. The CATALYST platform is so much more than just aggressive, cutting-edge looks. Its technological advancements set it apart from anything you’ve seen before. It’s time to look beyond the sleek, aerodynamic design because this platform changes everything.
  • EXPLORE THE CATALYST PLATFORM We built it from the skis up to give you a completely new riding experience. Use this interactive tool to explore the features that make the CATALYST platform the ride you've been waiting for.
  • REDESIGNED 600-CLASS C-TEC2 ENGINE Featuring an ECM-controlled electronic oil pump, battery-free electronic fuel injection, exhaust pipe temperature sensor, knock sensor and more, this 600-series engine packs a serious punch. The crankshaft and fuel management system have been redesigned, and the exhaust servo increases torque by creating back-pressure at a lower RPM. The 599cc, 125-HP CTEC2 engine with DSI is mounted with our Torque Control Link (TCL) and a clutch guard.
  • Single-Beam Rear Suspension Unlock the mountain with the groundbreaking ALPHA ONE® Single-Beam Rear Suspension. Instead of using two rails like a slide rail suspension, the single aluminum rail runs right down the center of a Power Claw™ track. With minimal input, you get effortless deep snow cornering, carving, side-hilling and so much more.
  • SINGLE-BEAM REAR RAIL ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension is the first rear suspension of its kind. The shift from two rails to one creates a single pivot point down the middle of its Power Claw track, so you can carve up the mountain with ease. With an extruded aluminum construction and magnesium attachment points, this light, lean and mean design gives you enhanced control and agility.
  • STARTS LIGHT, STAYS LIGHT ALPHA ONE snowmobiles make lightweight performance the standard. The single rail sheds snow, where dual-rail suspensions trap it in the skidframe. On top of this, the skid system equalizes floatation across the width of the track, so you'll sink less and keep moving throughout the day.
  • MORE MANEUVERABILITY With a single pivot point, the snowmobile leans and dips into every curve like it's second nature. Even with a longer track, your sled can handle tigher turns in technical situations compared to short-track, dual-rail snowmobiles. Unmatched maneuverability will unlock limitless possibilities.
  • CATALYST 4-Point Latching System Your snowmobile should fit your every need, and now, with the all-new ATACH 4-Point Latching System, customizing your ride is a snap. This revolutionary system lets you install and remove accessories in seconds, so whether you're at home, in the showroom or out on the trail, you'll have the flexibility to make your sled your own.
  • LOCK IN WITH EASE All CATALYST platform models come factory-equipped with at least two mounting points for ATACH accessories. Installation is quick and easy: simply slide your accessory into place with a click. You won't need any modification, fasteners or tools.
  • DURABLE DESIGN ATACH is built for the harshest conditions. This rugged system is built with high-strength composite and utilizes dust covers to keep the system clean when not in use.
  • KEEP IT SAFE Your accessories are safe when installed with ATACH. Using the provided key, you can lock your accessories onto your sled to prevent theft. Even without locking, your accessories will remain securely attached to your sled.
  • IFP Shocks You’ll feel the difference in every ride with premium, internal floating piston (IFP) shocks. These shocks will dampen the roughest terrain and offer increased durability, allowing you to maximize your deep snow performance.
  • AWS 36 FRONT SUSPENSION AWS 36 is the culmination of over 40 years of experience with the Arctic Wish Suspension, optimized for deep snow. By centralizing the weight distribution, the suspension now sits more directly under the rider, offering more flexibility and sled control. This puts more of the weight on the skis, improving the sled's balance. The vertical steering has been moved forward slightly for tighter steering requiring less rider input. With this level of responsiveness, the M 600 will feel like a natural extension of your body, reacting to the slightest movement. The spindles on the M 600 have also been redesigned- by shortening the top end but lengthening the spindle overall, the design is optimized to be more durable, while still remaining lightweight.
  • ADAPT CVT System With its lightweight, narrow design that increases performance and belt life, as well as the industry’s only self-adjusting clutch, the ADAPT™ CVT system provides better throttle response, smoother power delivery and a ride like no other.
  • Redesigned Running Boards With the industry’s first low thermal conductive running boards, snow build-up is a thing of the past. These newly redesigned running boards prevent snow from sticking to minimize additional weight and improve durability.
  • Power Claw Track Unlock the backcountry with Power Claw™, a lightweight track that delivers the ultimate deep snow traction and performance. The staggered, forward curving paddle tower design won’t fold over, allowing you to float over the deepest snow. Available in 146-in and 154-in, and with 2.6-in or 3.0-in lugs.
  • Asymmetrical LED Headlight A premium LED headlight is crucial to optimize your visibility. Equipped with both high and low-beams, this headlight casts an LED light pattern with great range and width. Plus, with it's unique asymmetrical design, everyone will know that you're on an Arctic Cat.

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