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Arctic Cat Snowmobile Chain Repair

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Chain Repair

A snowmobile is a great way to get out and enjoy the winter landscape. Known for their power and performance, an Arctic Cat snowmobile is a machine built to last for years of riding enjoyment. While they are built to last in general, you will still need to do some upkeep on your end and the chain is one of the more common areas of concern the more you ride. Let's take a look at a few important aspects of Arctic Cat snowmobile chain repair.

Signs of Trouble

Before diving into Arctic Cat snowmobile chain repair, you need to know the first signs of trouble. If there is a problem with the chain, you may hear a knocking sound while the snowmobile is turned on. This would be pretty much the only indication that the chain is damaged in some way without actually removing the cover and inspecting the chain case.

Even if you do not hear that all too familiar knocking noise, inspecting the chain and chain case should be a regular part of your maintenance checklist. This will tell you if there are any problems with regard to this area. You should start by checking the actual case and cover of the chain. If they are cracked or broken in any way, you will need to replace them since these two parts protect the inner chain from dirt, damages, and build up. Next, you will need to inspect the actual chain. In order to do this, you will spin the chain through rotation by rolling the track over allowing you to visually inspect every single tip on the chain. If the chain has any bent, broken, or missing teeth, that is a sure sign of trouble. You should also check the gear the chain rotates on for any damages. The chain is important to your snowmobile and overall performance as it relates to the track so any issues at all are always big issues. You should never underestimate a chain problem just because only one or two teeth are bent or missing. The chain needs to be in proper condition to achieve proper performance.

Repair or replace?

When it comes to Arctic Cat snowmobile chain repair, you have a few options. If the teeth of the chain are simply bent, you could attempt to push them back in place with pliers to avoid buying a new chain. While that route will save you some short term money, you could be doing more long term damage to make this less than ideal. Bending the bent teeth back in place is only a quick fix since the bent teeth are now more likely to completely break off after so much manipulation. It will buy you time in buying a new chain, but it is only a temporary fix.

Aside from bent teeth, most other issues with the chain will be a replacement and not a repair. There is simply no way to repair teeth that are broken off completely without buying and installing a new chain to the snowmobile.

Changing the Chain

The good news about replacing the chain is that this is a relatively easy task just about anyone can perform. Simply remove the old chain and the gears and install the new chain and gears in place. You want to make sure you grease the gears and the chain prior to installing them in the chain case to give them enough lubrication for proper movement. When installing the gears and chain, make sure you have a tight fit without too much slack in the chain as it rotates around the gear. If you have too much slack, you may have the wrong sized chain for your snowmobile model. You should always consult your owner's manual before performing this or any task on your snowmobile since there may be specific items you need to remove in order to access the chain case for a replacement.

Follow Up Tasks

Once you have installed the new chain in place, you will need to do two very important follow-up tasks. For starters, this is a good time to check and replace the chain case oil if you haven't done so in a while. Installing a new chain and then neglecting the necessary oil is just asking for a shortened life for the new chain! Once you have checked the oil levels and made any necessary changes to the level, you can move on to the chain tension. The chain tension is important to how the chain works, and you should always check this element before replacing the cover and calling it a day.

Once you have your new chain in place, you should still make an effort to include it in your routine maintenance checks. You should inspect the chain visually every few weeks of intense riding just to scout for any issues. This will also allow you to re-grease the gears as needed to ensure proper movement. You also want to keep up with the oil levels as well since this is essential to how the gear and chain perform.